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The Henn House came to us 2 years ago with a website that was underperforming and preventing people from booking parties with Jenn of The Henn House. We rebuilt the website from the ground up, allowing us to streamline it to be as fast and useable as possible.


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New Custom Website

New Custom Website

We set out to fix the issues that Jenn come to us that she was having with her old website. The main concern was the speed and workshop booking functionality. Since launching the new website, none of her customers have complained about the website being slow or having difficulty booking a workshop.

It also allowed Jenn to work through the COVID-19 situation a lot more easily due to the adaptability of the website. Allowing Jenn to transform from in-house workshops to zoom workshops using the same functionality with slight tweaks.

Mobile & Tablet Responsiveness

Mobile & Tablet Responsiveness

During the discovery period of Jenn’s new website we paid attention to the analytics of her old website to see how we could design and develop the website around the people that use the website the most.

Mobile and Tablet dvices were the two most used ways that people used The Henn House’s website. We focused on this during development to make sure the mobile and tablet versions allowed her users to seemlessly use the website without issues.

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