Why Should You Be Repurposing Content?

It’s no secret that one of the keys to a successful website and successful digital marketing is high-quality content. This kind of content requires thorough research into the topic of discussion and SEO factors like keywords and meta titles and descriptions. Because of this, creating high-quality content is a time-consuming process. Are you wondering how you can focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy when all your time is spent on this task?

The answer is to repurpose content.

What is Repurposing Content?

When you repurpose content, you take what you’ve already written and find ways to change it to fulfill other goals. Since you spent so much time researching, writing, and publishing this piece, it’s best to get the information in front of as many audiences as possible, right?

Repurposing content allows you to consistently put out quality content across various channels without devoting the majority of your time to content writing. To put it simply, it’s an efficient use of your time.

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How to Repurpose Content

  • Write a few informative blog posts, then use those pieces as the basis for a longer whitepaper or ebook. You might need to add some additional information, but you won’t have to start from scratch. This will provide people with all the information they need in one spot, and it’s a way for you to add new current or potential customers or clients to your email list.
  • Take the information from your whitepaper and turn it into a series of informational newsletters to send to prospective customers or clients. You could also filter out the most pertinent information and record a video for your YouTube channel or Instagram.
  • Take a blog post you’ve written and create social media posts around the topic. You can break up the content into smaller pieces of information throughout a series of posts, and you can also share the link to the blog post itself.
  • When you write about a study or survey with a lot of data points or statistics, try repurposing that information by creating an infographic.
  • Take content from a longer piece you’ve written and turn it into a presentation, webinar, or seminar on the subject. If it makes sense, you might also be able to start a podcast and talk about the information from your written content.

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